Base is a two minute loop is made up of several smaller loops. Each of the panels is a 30-second loop. The left panel is mostly Reagan, the right panel is mostly Trump. The subjects of the left and right panels occasionally “reach” toward each other by incorporating some of the facial characteristics of the subject on the opposite side. The center panel morphs between 75% Reagan / 25% Trump and 75% Trump / 25% Reagan, and is timed so that it “passes” the facial expression back and forth between the left and right panels. This makes it possible to seamlessly follow a morphing facial expression across the canvas without interruption.

I spent all weekend in this strange world, so I can no longer tell if any of the above makes sense to anyone else. The sound accompaniment reinforces the visual flow – the “collisions” of the facial expressions are matched by the movements of the drones. The collisions are also visually marked by the small dots and the tilting of the panels.

For those who have only one second to spare instead of 2 minutes, here’s a shorter loop derived from the video: